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XAssist Pipelines
Pipeline    Reports      Source List
XMM-Newton v5    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v2 (no longer active)    Field List      master_srclist.csv
ROSAT HRI    Field List      master_srclist.csv


Page Hints
Hints for using XAssist and other X-ray software
Folder Version 0.98 Manual
Page Setting up processing of a large set of data
A short description of how to run your own pipeline
Page Adding user-specified sources
Shell script to setup processing of a set of XMM fields, adding the target as a "user" source. This is to ensure that the count rate and responses at the target location(s) will be computed even when the target is not detected.
Page XSPEC scripts
A description of smart_fit.tcl, etc. tcl scripts that automate getting errors in XSPEC
File AISRP 2009 Workshop Talk
Talk given at the Oct. 2009 AISRP PI workshop
File Talk on XAssist + WESIX for AISRP 2008 Workshop
Current funding is being used to add web services to XAssist (which will allow XAssist functionality to be called from remote programs) and to add X-ray functionality to WESIX (which is a web service for running SExtracor on images).
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