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XAssist Pipelines
Pipeline    Reports      Source List
XMM-Newton v5    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v2 (no longer active)    Field List      master_srclist.csv
ROSAT HRI    Field List      master_srclist.csv


Site News

Conversion to astropy

The xassist code base, already almost entirely written in Python, is being converted to only be dependent on astropy (along of course with the core data processing packages for the supported missions, i.e., CIAO, XMMSAS and/or HEASOFT).

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current pipelines (update May 2015)

Data are being reprocessed in-situ

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Several user accounts were removed since they appeared to be automatically created by spambots. If you registered (legitimately) and your account was removed, please re-register.

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Power outage

The power to the Physics building at JHU will be cut on May 2, 2009 for maintanance work, and accordingly the XAssist web site will be down for some or all of that day.

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Disk crash

The main disk holding the XMM v3 pipeline data crashed after several power outages (which have also caused the web site to be unresponsive on occasion). A new computer with a large RAID array is on order to replace the existing system and give more stability.

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XSPEC scripts

Version of the XSPEC scripts that work with XSPEC v12 now in the Downloads section

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