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XAssist Pipelines
Pipeline    Reports      Source List
XMM-Newton v5    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v4    Field List      master_srclist.csv
Chandra v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v3    Field List      master_srclist.csv
XMM-Newton v2 (no longer active)    Field List      master_srclist.csv
ROSAT HRI    Field List      master_srclist.csv

current pipelines (update May 2015)

Data are being reprocessed in-situ

 v4  of the XAssist pipelines used CIAO 4.3 and XMMSAS 9 while v5 for XMM is using XMMSAS 11. Since disk space is limited, chandra v4 and xmm v5 will remain the current version of the processing but are using ciao 4.7 and xmmsas v14.  Since primarily the only changes will be bug fixes and calibration updates there should be no major change to the output tables.  Previously processed fields will be reprocessed with these newer versions of ciao and sas when there are no new fields currently pending. 


The long-term plan remains to implement a system where users can add fields to the queue (the queue system exists) and to make the XAssist python scripts be a pure python package (but dependent on usual extras like NumPY, matplotlib, etc.) hosted on Github.


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